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I am back!

It was a long hiatus from blogging for me.  When I last posted in 2014, I had a lot going on in my personal life. After I managed to solve the most tumultuous part of it and when everything was going breezy, I got knocked up! *rolling my eyes*  By hubby of course! (Haha!) Then, everything was fuzzy when the bump came until the third little thorn in my rosy life was born. Needless to say, now everybody can figure the big thorn in my life. A thorn with moustache! Yes, the one who gave me three little thorns!

The most little of all the thorns is finally turning 3 and life is ever so slightly breathable.  Better not say that too loudly before I ended up carrying a fourth little thorn. ;p

Anyway, I have always been a working mum.  Life was always to the office, then back home to the kitchen with my kitchening-assistant, my family life and then back to work.  I have always wanted to do something more than myself, my kitchen and my personal life. 

A working mum always has to rush through h…

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