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Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam)

Hi Cooks! Yesterday, I cooked chicken rice for the family.  First things first though, I must stress the fact that there are not going to be as much pictures and step by step photos. Imagine trying to cook, and take pictures of your cooking process at every step and having to keep running in and out of the kitchen in angst to solve petty boyish issues and quarrels. I must have been (at the very least, I would like to shamelessly imagine that I am ;p) the "Whitney Houston" of this block I am living in.  That belting (oh my god, or was it screeching?) (cough cough), my neighbours must have heard throughout my years living here as the mother of my boys, must have sent them running for their ear-plugs every weekend. It was intended that my cooking yesterday was going to be a completely detailed in explanation and imaging process but, sad to say that I am still too early to be so ambitious at this stage of my life.  Nevertheless, the fact that I could actually managed

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