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Last Day of Fetching Sayf Ahmad from Nursery

Yesterday, was the last day of my leave since Sayf started his first few days of school.  It is also my last day of spending full day at home with my lover boys as well as my last day of fetching Sayf from nursery before passing on the full responsibility to my kitchen-ing assistant.  I didn't know why it did not strike my mind to take pictures of him much earlier.  Perhaps the stress of thinking that Sayf would be upset about going to school and the fear of having him cry which would somehow distraught me emotionally, totally blocked the excitement and happiness of a mother whose child is finally starting school and beginning a new phase in his journey of growing up.

Sayf, the one with the taqiyah (cap), looking calm after assembling for du'a (prayers) recital before dismissal.

I only thought about taking his pictures as I walked my way to fetch him from school yesterday afternoon and even that was because I had my smart phone in hand as I was expecting a call.  It was definitely a pity that I had not taken many more pictures of him earlier but honestly, it was never easy taking a proper picture of Sayf either unless he is really in the mood to do me a favour and do a proper pose for a photograph.

Yesterday was somehow my lucky day though.  I actually could not keep him still for a proper pose until we reached along the corridors a few units away from my home.  Despite having to keep snapping his photos again and again as he kept moving around, I managed to catch a few pose albeit with playful facial expressions which I wasn't really expecting to shoot.  Snapping a good photo was near to impossible and I had to really be quick enough to catch the right moment with a clear shot!  Better than nothing, I guess.

Whatever it is, I will most definitely miss my days of getting him ready for school and fetching him back home.  Being a working mother, you really have to give lots of precious moments with your kids a miss.  I really wish I could be a full time mom to care for my babies and enjoy my time with them but I guess working hard to give them a better future is just as equally important.

Sayf Ahmad, just remember that Ummi loves you very much my son.  Always, always and always...  


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