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Indian Fish Curry (Kari Ikan India)

Kari Ikan Mamak

The past few days had been quite bad.  I have been having sudden bout of migraine attacks. Paracetamols were not helping at all and I was still under attack today.  The throbbings were really killing me but I decided not to let it ruin my Sunday. I downed two tabs of synflex after lunch. Yes, it was so bad, that I had to order home delivery for lunch.  How can I cook or even do anything at all when it felt as if my head was being hammered all the time?!  After about half an hour of taking the tablets, it was like magic.  The migraine was gone.  The best thing is, my two lover boys were well behaved today and before life gets back to reality, I decided to grab my lappy and had this post typed out. 

Perhaps, I had been too stressed out over the past few days.  Sayf started nursery this year.  I was worried that he might start to cry on the second day of school as parents are allowed into the class to accompany their children only on the first day of school. That was what happened in January last year.  I was still on maternity leave then when Sayf started going to one and a half hour playgroup sessions.  He was fine and all smiley on the first day of school but when the second day came, I had a hard time trying to get him to school. He was already crying when he woke up in the morning and started telling me that he did not want to go to school.  He stopped for a while when he got distracted and started again once he remembered school in his mind.  He cried during lunch time, bathing time and, oh well, he cried most of the time.

Then came the whole lot of emotionally heart breaking dialogues where he kept asking me not to send him to school and that he did not mind not having any friends and he did not want to see his teacher.  He was bargaining with me the whole time when I walked him to school which was just a few blocks away from my mum's (where I was staying during my after birth confinement period). When he finally reached the front door of school, he started crying even more loudly.  I had to keep assuring him that I wasn't going to go away and that I would wait for him outside school.  Then, I said my goodbye as his teacher carried him away into class and he cried "Ummi, jangan cakap goodbye!" in Malay (or in English, "Ummi, don't say goodbye!"). My heart broke but I was giggling at the same time.  It was like a scene in the movie where the son was being led away from his mother to god knows where! Life with Sayf was so hysterically dramatic then except for weekends and public holidays ;p. Imagine having to do a re-take of the same scene every single day for three months.

Surprisingly and most thankfully, this year, Sayf is finally my cool guy.  Although he went into a new class with new classmates, he was very calm and quiet.  I managed to sneak in and see him from a far corner.  He was quite attentive listening to the children song playing on the class television and I could see that he was attempting to sing along.  No cries or sad stories whatsoever on the second day of school either.  His teacher told me that he was doing great and was very calm despite a few other classmates who were crying.  Phew! A load off my mind now and I can go back to work without any worries on Tuesday.  These are the little things that will remain as my sweet memories when Sayf is all grown up one day.  Of course I have to gear myself up for forthcoming drama episodes with Suhaym in two years' time but for now, I'd rather not think about it.

Aside from all that stories of motherhood, it is back to my stomach rumblings.  I was craving for my Indian Fish Curry last Friday.  I went out to the market in the morning and bought a few kinds of fish.  One of them was trevally fish.  Trevally fish which is known as "ikan sagai" in Malay, compliments Indian curry very well.  Surprisingly,  I did not think of getting any mackerel that day. 

Naturally, the best dish to serve my husband and mother-in-law is curry and nothing beats the taste of food that satisfies your cravings and I must say that this is one of my best fish curry recipes.  Everytime I cook fish curry, I just could never end up cooking it in any other way.  This is a must try if you haven't.  You can check out the recipe HERE.

Happy Kitchen-ing!!


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