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I am back!

It was a long hiatus from blogging for me.  When I last posted in 2014, I had a lot going on in my personal life. After I managed to solve the most tumultuous part of it and when everything was going breezy, I got knocked up! *rolling my eyes*  By hubby of course! (Haha!) Then, everything was fuzzy when the bump came until the third little thorn in my rosy life was born. Needless to say, now everybody can figure the big thorn in my life. A thorn with moustache! Yes, the one who gave me three little thorns!

The most little of all the thorns is finally turning 3 and life is ever so slightly breathable.  Better not say that too loudly before I ended up carrying a fourth little thorn. ;p

Anyway, I have always been a working mum.  Life was always to the office, then back home to the kitchen with my kitchening-assistant, my family life and then back to work.  I have always wanted to do something more than myself, my kitchen and my personal life. 

A working mum always has to rush through her day.  In the office and at home.  There is just no easy way about it especially when your children are young and growing fast.  I even forget my age at times, hoping that it was still some years back when my *oobs were still high and mighty.  With time, everything in life is a drag including those pair of *oobs which seriously looked depressed!

Then, comes your life in the office where everybody just wants to be seen as having loads of work, hardworking and very busy. THEN, when the real load came about, the auras of the wolves wolverines lying ever so peacefully under those sheep-ish clothing, started to shine ever so brightly.  I must however, thank these superheroines.  Had it not been for them, I guess I would enjoy my life in the office too much that I would not even think of trying to do something else as an alternative source of income.  It has always been my hope that I could one day, leave my day job and be a stay-at-home and earning mum-prenuer.  However, all that dream without moving my butts is not going to help.  So, out of desperation, I decided that I have to start moving and get somewhere. Then, out of nowhere, there it is, my little online fashion store, culminated in the hopes of a brighter future.  Really and truly, (I mean who doesn't know this right?) IT IS AS ALWAYS, ever so, so hard to get started at something from scratch, without help.  However, it is not that bad after all, if you have a friend who is always there to support you and I am indeed one of the blessed few who found a true friend in a working colleague.

Her name is Shahila (the one on the right in this picture).  She knows everything about me, my life and I.  The one who would sit right in front of me and watch me cry my tears of sorrow and pouring all my heartache to her. She was there when I first started this blog and she shared with me one of her cookie recipe (a hit with my family, if I might say, during the festive season of the Muslims where home baked cookies are a must serve to the guest) that were amongst the first few of the recipes shared in this blog. Then, just yesterday, she had to be the first one to kick start my fashion store going with her being the first ever customer making the first ever purchase from my store.

This opening post, after almost a good four years break, is dedicated to her as a thank you gesture and as a good start for me, in finally setting a life goal, solely and personally, for the first time, for myself.  Shahila would know what I mean.


Marni said…
Salam! I’m sooo looking forward to your recipes. Keep ‘em coming! - Marni

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