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Spaghetti Beef Aglio Olio

Hello my fellow Cooks!  Today is a busy Monday.  So I am just going to share a very simple recipe in a simple post!  I cooked this over Saturday whilst waiting for my husband to arrive from work.  We then had a chop-chop lunch before leaving for a family outing and shopping session followed by a good dinner outside.

This is quite a common dish and I think everyone knows how to cook it!  Nevertheless since this blog is also a journal about my kitchen-ing life, I will post whatever I cook, common or not, on it.  I hope am not boring you! ;p  For cooking amateurs or beginners, I hope this is useful for you. 

Sayf loves this very much and yes, he emptied his plate again because it was so really very good.   My mother-in-law has never cooked spaghetti this way so she really enjoyed Aglio Olio for the first time.  Needless to say, my husband had his fill.


This dish serves about 5 at one time.  It is best that you cook and consume immediately and try not to have any leftovers.  Cooked spaghetti gets hard if you let it stand for long.

*Note that spoonful herein refers to 10ml volume and tablespoon refers to 20 ml volume

1 pack of spaghetti  - cooked in boiling water with a spoonful of cooking oil and teaspoon of salt for about 13 minutes if you like it al-dente (I always cook spaghetti for about 15 minutes or slightly more because I like it thoroughly cooked, and then I drain it and cool it under running water to stop the cooking process) and set aside.
9 garlics - chopped
3 red bird's eye chillies - finely sliced on the bias (I used red chillies because I have to go easy on the heat for the very cool people in my family :))
250-300 grams of beef - very finely sliced (I used the ready packed stir-fried ones which I bought from a local supermarket)
1/2 a teaspoon of sugar (or Ajinamoto, if you prefer)
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil or cooking oil
salt to taste


1.  Heat up oil in pan.  Once oil is heated, add in garlic and saute for about half a minute.

2. Add in the sliced red chillies.  Saute until fragrant.

3.  Add in the beef slices.  Add in salt to taste and sugar (or Ajinamoto, if you prefer).

4.  Saute until the beef slices are no longer red in colour.

5.  Add in the spaghetti.

6.  Fold the spaghetti into the stir fried mix to properly coat.  Stir fry for a minute or so.  Do a taste check and season accordingly if necessary.  Off fire and serve.

Happy Kitchen-ing!! 


MamaFaMi said…
Simple to prepare yet yummy for the tummy ;)
Tilah Maricar said…
Absolutely right MamaFami! Perfect for a lazy day! What an honour to have you drop by. Thanks very much!

Anonymous said…
Really nice to see the way you have created for most of your recipes and easy for others to understand..
for this Aglio Olio, I added black pepper (pounded freshly) for extra taste... Thank you.

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