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Super Easy Recipe Prata Pops (Resepi Mudah Pop Prata)

For the first time, on a Sunday afternoon, I was so bored.  My Sundays were usually very occupied with the two precious boys of my life and one very old boy whom I love very much.  It was about one hour after lunch.  My husband and Sayf were both napping on the bed.  Suhaym was napping as usual.  My kitchen-ing assistant was folding the dried laundry.  My mother-in-law was in her room.  As for me?  I was sitting down at the dining table staring in the air....

All of a sudden, life was too quiet without Sayf there to annoy or irritate me.  I wished he was awake to drive me crazy then.  I realised that it is actually a love hate relationship that I have with my three year old.  I freaked almost all the time with Sayf.  Panicking over everything, fearing that he might hurt himself whilst running around the house or jumping from the sofa to the floor or when he was running around in the kitchen when I am busy cooking or handling anything hot.  Needless to say that when he did hurt himself, my heart flew right out of my chest and ran to him before I could.  I really don't like having to go through such a feeling.  I would then hope that he was away in school or just somewhere in the house doing things with my husband and I don't have to care about him as I have a hundred and one other things to get done or to see to.  Yet when he was safely asleep on the bed with my husband, I wanted him near me because life is too still and quiet.  I simply don't mind if he were to annoy or irritate me again.  I know I will always be there to do my best and watch out for him and I don't care if I have to scream at the top of my lungs like a mad woman and annoy my neighbours (if I was really ever that loud)!  I just need Sayf near me to feel complete.  He is like my eye ball walking around in the house.  I am so one-eyed without him near me!  Hehe... ;p

Now that, I am feeling so alone, I needed to do something badly to fill up that void of the moment in me.  I can't be cooking cos we just had lunch.  So baking something for tea time would be good but I had ran out of flour in the pantry.  Think, think, think Tilah!  And yes!  My Spring Home Instant Prata!  I don't care about what I can do with it.  I just have to do something with it.  I don't know where I was going or what I was doing with it but get cracking on it I sure would.  Just for the sake of doing something, I have managed to make prata pops!  Perfect as tea time biscuits.  Crispy and crunchy.  Coming to think of it, it would also be good to serve it as prata sticks.  All you need to do is spread some butter on the instant prata, cut long strips out of it, bake it and serve it with any kind of dips (sweet, sour or savoury)!  Something super easy and simple if you are preparing for a party or as an appetizer before a meal or just simply as a family snack in front of the tv.

By the time I was done, the living room was suddenly filled up with noises again.  My husband and Sayf had woken up from their nap, my mother-in-law was on the sofa watching the television and my kitchen-ing assistant was hanging around in the kitchen and playing with Suhaym in her arms.  It was time to serve something for tea.   We definitely enjoyed the crispy and crunchy Prata Pops!


A few pieces of Spring Home instant prata - leave these in the freezer until you are ready to bake them (I am not sure if this works with any other brands of instant prata, but you can always try)
Butter - at room temperate (as much as you need)
Icing sugar (as much as you need)

1.  Ten minutes before you start, pre-heat your oven at 190 degrees celsius.

2.  Glaze butter on your baking pan and lay your frozen prata on it.

3.  Using a brush, glaze some butter on your prata pieces.

4.  Then, using a knife, cut the instant prata in vertical strips and one horizontal strip in the middle as in the picture above.

If you are making sticks for dips out of these, just cut thin vertical strips.

5.  This is how the cut prata pieces should look like before baking.

6.  Bake at 190 degrees celsius in the oven for about 20 to 30 minutes or until the top is browned.

7.  Using a spoon, transfer your baked prata pops onto a plate using a spoon.

If you are making sticks for dips, your prata sticks are now ready to be served with your favourite dip.

8.  Sprinkle some icing sugar over them and toss them about to properly coat with the sugar before serving.

Enjoy and Happy Kitchen-ing!!


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