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Fish Kurma (Version 2) (Kurma Ikan (Versi 2))

Hello Cooks!  Yesterday evening, I cooked fish kurma again.  The different version which I had promised to share in my earlier Mackerel Kurma post.  Needless to say, I cooked my favourite fish again, mackerel!   Hehe...;p However, it was quite a rushed cooking session as Suhaym wasn't cooperative at all.  He was just clinging like a Koala to me.  I have never felt so disorganised whilst cooking.  Adding on to my stress, Sayf was simply testing my patience in the kitchen.  I really felt like smacking his butt!  Sometimes I really don't have room to breathe when I reach home after work.  It just makes me feel that being in the office is less stressful than being at home.  I love my babies, I really do, but sometimes I can just go crazy and I have people asking me if I am going to try for number three! :)

As it was, I was already tired from not having slept properly the previous night. So after dinner, I made myself a cup of black coffee. Meaning without milk but with sugar definitely cos i don't do "no sugar". That's how I got my sweet face..ehem! I wanted to keep my eyes opened to entertain the kids and cook at the same time. The next thing I knew, my kitchen-ing assistant laughingly told me that I should be looking for what I had been looking for in the pantry cupboard! I cannot believe I was actually looking for sugar high and low in the refrigerator. Then she started laughing loudly like mad! For once, she looked even more crazy than I did. It was good to know that the one who went crazy was my kitchen-ing assistant for a change.  Oh well my kids are staring at her face the whole seven days in a week.  It is only right that she is more crazy than I am.  I realized then that I only had momentary amnesia. Whatever it is, these are the things that kids do to you. :)

Anyway, I had actually intended to take the step by step pictures, but Suhaym was really crying that I could not focus my attention.  I only managed to take these pictures after I had put him to sleep.  So I am sorry, there are no step-by-step pictures for this post but honestly, there is not much difference in the cooking steps.  It is just that this version is meant to be a lighter version of fish kurma and creamier in taste.

The only difference are as follows:

1 stalk of lemon grass - crushed and cut into twos - added first and sauteed for a few seconds before adding in the finely sliced onions
1 teacup of evaporated milk instead of  the 1/2 teacup of coconut milk
2 tablespoons of kurma powder - mixed with a little water to form a paste instead of 4 tablespoons

You can refer to the ingredients and the step by step pictures HERE.

Happy Kitchen-ing!!


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