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Cream Cracker Layered Cheese Cake (Kek Biskut Lapis Keju)

A delectable no bake cheesecake layered with cream crackers, strawberry syrup and nestum cereal topped with chocolate rice.  Simply awesome!

So I bought cream cheese last Friday evening.  I managed to make good use of the rest of the free cream cracker biscuits and did a Cream Cracker Layered Cheesecake.  I found this recipe from a blog belonging to Khairul Abdullah.  Thank you Khairul Abdullah for sharing the recipe and being my inspiration.  I love the way he took his photographs and I like his recipes and cooking tips too.

I did, however, substitute some of the ingredients to make full use of what I had in my pantry cupboard.  This is a very delicious cheese cake.  My family and I died when we had the cake.  Of course, we did not literally die, if you know what I mean.  It is just the way I describe the taste of something so good and sinful.  

My kitchen-ing assistant, to my surprise, was literally licking the knife I used to cut the cake before she washed it.  I decided not to tell her that she looked like a psycho serial killer doing that and let her enjoy the knife! ;p  She is cute and has been a great help in my kitchen and a good caregiver to both my kids.  Even though she has only been with us for a few months, I am beginning to love her like family.  Our time in the kitchen is always filled with laughter poking fun at one another.  She told me that she has never laughed so much with her own siblings as much as she has laughed with me.

I made this cake almost towards evening yesterday.  We actually had this cake quite late at night as I had to refrigerate it before serving it cold.  You could call it our sinful supper or late night dessert that we had in front of the television whilst watching a ghost movie.  My husband and I love watching ghost movies at night.  Even Sayf our elder son, enjoys watching ghost movies.  He would happily sit between my husband and I on the sofa in front of the television and be a good boy.  At times when my female hormones are in full blast after a good ghost movie, I ended up waking my husband in the middle of the night to accompany me to the toilet.  Hehe....that's how brave I am.  Heavy weight but very light hearted! ;p A good sized coward!

Anyway, all I can say is that, this recipe is a must-try. The moment I tasted it, I knew this is going to be a favourite and I am going to have to make it often as a dessert for my family. My husband already has an affair with this cheese cake. I am just happy he doesn't bring the cheese cake to bed. ;p

If you try this recipe and enjoyed it, do leave your comments in the comments form below ok?

What you would need,


250 grams cream cheese
100 grams or 1/2 cup caster sugar (I used a measuring cup I bought from a shop selling baking supplies)
75 grams butter
About 40 pieces or more than half a packet of "Ping Pong" brand cream cracker biscuits (this is not a Ping Pong brand commercial so you can use other brands of your choice but I always find Ping Pong brand to be the nicest of the lot) 
Hershey's strawberry syrup - as needed (the original recipe uses caramel syrup)
Nestum cereal - as needed (I used about 1 and a half packet of the 3-in-1 pack)
Chocolate Rice (the original recipe uses Milo powder)
2 cups of fresh milk or as needed

1.  Beat cream cheese, sugar and butter until light.

2.  The consistency should be somewhat like in the picture above.

3.  Pour fresh milk in a bowl (I used a plate ;p) and dip the cream cracker for a few seconds and arrange them in your baking tin one by one.

4.  The arranged biscuits would look something like in the above pic.  You can arrange them properly if you want a super nice fit.  As usual, I wanted mine the chop-chop way.

 5. Spread the cream cheese layer (not so thick!) on the arranged biscuits somewhat like the picture above. I find it easier to spread the cream cheese on the biscuits using the back of a spoon.

 6. Pour your strawberry syrup on a teaspoon and drizzle them onto the cream cheese layer. I used a teaspoon so that I don't overdo the syrup on my cream cheese layer.

7. I used a teaspoon to scoop out the nestum cereal from the packet and drizzle them all over the strawberry syrup like in the picture above.

8. Repeat the layering process again starting with the biscuit, followed by cream cheese, strawberry syrup and nestum cereal until you are left with just enough cream cheese for the top layer. I leave slightly more so that I can spread a thicker layer of cream cheese at the top. :)

9. After spreading the cream cheese, strawberry syrup and nestum at the topmost layer, I added sprinkles of chocolate rice (left overs in my pantry which I did not want to waste).

10. Place your baking tin in the refridgerator for at least two hours before serving. Serve it cold.

Happy Dying and Happy Kitchen-ing!!


Hi Tilah,

Thanks for reading my blog and tried my recipe. Your cake look delicious and of course...sinful :) Thanks for linking it back to me.
Tilah Maricar said…
Hi Khairul, it's my pleasure. Thanks again for leaving your comments. What an honour! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog.
Anonymous said…
thanks to both of you.. made this recipe 3-4 times already.. the kids loved it.. FYI i m makin it again today coz atok is cravin for it this morning.. heheh.. thanks guys.. two thumbs up for u both!!.. (;
Tilah Maricar said…
Hi! I am very glad that you n your family love it!! Thank you for letting me know. Really appreciate it! Enjoy your time here n Happy Kitchen-ing!!

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