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Super Easy Recipe Biscuit Butter Kaya Pudding (Resepi Mudah Puding Biskut Butter dan Kaya)

pudding recipe using cream crackers

Ok, so as promised, today I shall talk about my Biscuit Butter Kaya Pudding which I made a few days ago.  Yes, because by the time you finish saying the name (Cream Crackers Butter Kaya Pudding), it is already time for breakfast next morning.  My friend Shahila was telling me that it was a mouthful to pronounce. So I just cut it short!  Biscuit Butter Kaya Pudding!  Shah, at least it is now half mouthful right? 

My plan was to do a no bake cake using cream crackers but I had to blend cream cheese and some other ingredients which I have not gotten the time to go and buy and I have two packets of unopened Cream Crackers lying in my pantry cupboard waiting to be sacrificed!  I will try that cream cheese recipe but for now, something chop-chop!

My husband and I always do our shopping at Sheng Siong Supermarket.  We drank a lot of Milo at home. Oh, not me.  I drink a lot of coffee. Coffee-holic!   It is my husband, my son and my mother in law that always drink Milo.  So when we bought two cans of Milo, Sheng Siong was having a promotion and we got two packets of Ping Pong brand cream crackers.  We don't usually eat cream crackers at home.  Our breakfast was most of the time bread and butter.  So now we have two packets of cream crackers which we have to eat no matter what so that it wouldn't be wasted.

I remembered when I was a little girl, my mother made my siblings and I sat in a row. She would spread butter and kaya over the cream crackers and passed them to us one by one.  Sometimes, it's bread with butter and kaya.  That time there were five of us only.  ONLY?  Yes only!  There were three more later.  My father was a Romeo you see!!  Anyway, so we were like queuing up and waiting for our turn of butter and kaya spreaded biscuit in each of our hands.  The taste was delectable.  I must say that Ping Pong brand cream crackers are actually one of the best tasting cream crackers.  Haiz.... Ping Pong and Spring Home, i tell you, you all should pay me commission lah! 

So, then came this idea!  I mean we have always been eating the Western style bread and butter pudding.  I mean who doesn't know bread and butter pudding!  I mean do you know what I mean??!!  For breakfast! Tea-time! Or simply just as a dessert!!  So, why not some biscuit pudding with a little bit of Asian touch?  Kaya!!  I have Kaya in my fridge!  I have the basic ingredients for a pudding in my pantry cupboard!  I know there is a way to do a chop-chop pudding using all the ingredients that I love!  So?  Bake lah!!

Basically, this pudding is easy and fast to make.  Even though I used butter and kaya, I can also use some other ingredients in their place like maybe jams, fruits or stuff like that.  So we can play around with this recipe actually.  Layer the crackers with anything that you want and simply pour the pudding batter in and ta-da!  You have an "anything that you want pudding" ready! 

You will see in my pictures below that I sliced my butter quite thick!  Oh well, I am a sinner!  I used SCS salted butter.  I love salted butter! In fact, it is advisable to use salted butter as the butter will blend with the sweet taste of kaya and when you put it in your mouth you can just go and faint somewhere out there!  But, if you are more of a saint, hehe...;p then you may slice the butter less thick than mine or use unsalted butter.  Up to you.  

I have been trying my best to lose weight but also trying my best not to say no to my favourite foods.  And yes, I am not greedy!  So I will still keep trying my best to lose weight!  It is just that it is more difficult for me to shed the extra pounds after my second baby.  Breathe also gain weight!  How lydat?

Are you bored yet? Ok, here are the ingredients:

2 cans of full cream evaporated milk (I used Carnation brand)
1 can of condensed milk (I used Dawn brand)
Half a jar or less of Nyonya Kaya
1 slab butter - about 200 grams of it sliced thickly - OR THINLY!! ;p (I used SCS brand)
1 and a half teaspoon of lemon essence
Half a packet or lesser of Ping Pong brand cream crackers
3 eggs
A baking tin (I used a 6x9x3)


First and foremost, preheat your oven at 180 degrees celsius.

1.  Pour in the can of condensed milk into a mixing bowl.

2.  Pour in the evaporated milk.

3.  Break the eggs in!  Add in the lemon essence.

4.  Whisk the mix!

5.  Once you have whisked the ingredients thoroughly.  Set it aside.

6.  Grease your baking tin with butter.

7.  Lay the biscuit layer like the picture above.  Don't have to be super fit in the tin.  Just so long as the base is covered with the biscuits.  Slice the butter and place them on the biscuit layer.  Unlike bread pudding, you don't have to spread the butter on the biscuits cos the butter will melt on the biscuits during baking anyway.  

8.  Lay the second layer of biscuit.  Again don't have to be super fit.  Just like the picture above will do.

9.  Spoon your kaya on top of the biscuit layer.

10.  Repeat the process with another layer of biscuit and butter then biscuit and kaya.

11.  Place another layer of biscuit and top with sliced butter.  Don't be a sinner like me.  You don't have to slice the butter as thick as I did. :)

12. Pour the whisked batter in the baking tin and let it sit for about two to three minutes.

13.  Bake in the oven for about 20 to 30 minutes or until the top is browned or if you poke your pudding with a stick, it doesn't jiggle!

14.  The baked biscuit pudding.  The top crust is so heavenly...I can die!

15.  Out of curiosity, I flip the pudding on a platter to see how the bottom would look like.

16.  So, I have a choice of having the crust on top or at the bottom!  The pudding is sexy front and back!!

So folks, Happy Kitchen-ing!!


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