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Strawberry Prata Puff (Puff Prata Strawberi)

Yesterday's breakfast was a self-made dessert.  Remember, I said that I will attempt to make dessert with my favourite "Spring Home" brand instant prata?  So I did.  Strawberry Prata Puff.  Breakfast was really good.

Sometimes, whilst kitchen-ing, we just have got to make do with whatever is there in our kitchen or fridge to try and whip up a good breakfast, tea-time or dessert! If you can make a few kinds of food with just one kind of ingredient, why not? My "Spring Home" instant prata is my ideal choice.  Don't worry, this is not a Spring Home commercial so you can get instant prata of your choice okay..;p

It was actually quite a tiring Sunday morning yesterday.  My 9 month old son has turned me into a zombie again!  Whenever I am a zombie, I am tired.  Whenever I am tired, I get easily stressed with household responsibilities and whenever I am stressed with household responsibilities, I will want to eat.  Eat more!! that was the reason I got up to make a good breakfast!! 


5 pieces of digestive biscuits - ground into crumbs
250 grams strawberries - hulled and diced
1/2 a small packet of sliced almonds - toasted
6 pcs of instant prata (I used "Spring Home" brand) - leave these in the freezer
1/2 a slab of butter - melted
4 tablespoon - caster sugar
some icing sugar for dusting - as needed


Now would be a good time to preheat your oven at 180 degrees celsius.

1.  Add two tablespoon of caster sugar into the diced strawberries. 

2.  Toss with a spoon to coat.  Let sit.

3.  Melt the butter.  Set aside.

4.  Mix the biscuit crumbs and toasted sliced almonds with two tablespoon of caster sugar.

5.  Take out one piece of the instant prata from the freezer.

6.  Take off the plastic liner and glaze the instant prata dough with melted butter.  Replace the plastic liner. This step is important so that it would be easier for you to fold the dough later and the dough would not be sticky.

7.  Flip the instant prata dough to the other side.  Take off the plastic liner and glaze the dough with melted butter.

8.  Spread the crumbs and almond mix onto the middle of the dough like the above picture.

9.  Top the crumbs with the strawberries.

10.  Lift up one side of the prata dough and fold it to the middle of the dough like the picture above. Then lift off the plastic liner.

11.  Lift the other side of the dough and do the same like the picture above.

12.  Fold up the ends of the dough like in the picture above.

13.  Glaze with melted butter (again!!).

14.  Lift up the dough by the plastic liner and flip it on the other side on your baking tray like the above picture.  You may want to poke the top of your puff with fork to allow air movement or risk your puff exploding below and releasing your filling on the baking tray. This happened to one of my puffs. ;p

15.  Bake it in the oven for about 20 to 30 mins or until the top is browned.

16.  Dust the top with sugar before serving and serve immediately or warm.

So forgive me folks for some of you may think that I am a sinner but hey, eat first, repent later!!  Haha!!  Happy Kitchen-ing!!


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