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I Have a Life Outside My Kitchen: Good-est Friends Meet Again!

Last Saturday my husband had to spend the whole day caressing the electrical wires at LTA and therefore had to work late. As a wife, I felt cheated and deserted!! Haha!! ;p So naturally, I decided to date the other man in my life, my 3 year old son Sayf and brought him to my good friend, Nadine's wedding dinner. Over there, I met the rest of my old time and long time buddies!!

These people meant a great deal to me. We were friends since teenagers and we went through all the ups and downs of being human together, always were there for each other doing what good friends would do. We used to spend every weekends together and even weekdays sometimes, just to have dinner together. Far East Plaza's Cahaya Restaurant was our great dinner place with marvelous tasting food at very affordable price. Then there was of course party time!! Well, being youngsters...this went on till we all became adults and started living lives in the working world. You see, we love each other that much. We even stayed out very late, sitting somewhere, talking away and perhaps annoying the people around us! It was always the same faces. The same group of people who had to see each other's faces almost every day! Hehe... I must say, those days were the best days that I would never forget.

Though marriage and kids have kept most of us apart, we really became the incredibles when we are together. Oh well, not that we go on a mission to save the world from monsters or anything, but that we are incredibly noisy and chatty and happy!  I don't even need to go into our roars of laughter when we get crazy and in the picture above,  it is not even all of us!!  When there are wedding functions or gatherings, we would always try to be there and moments like the above picture are the precious ones that we try to keep still by way of photographs (pssst...I am the one in green beside the handsome little boy, my son).

All I know is that I will never forget these people who came into my life as a blessing and I know that they will never forget me too.  I know that we will all grow old and still be good friends!

I am thankful to Allah!


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