Kitchen by TILAH

My Kitchen! It's Mine!! I'm The Queen!!!

Life is good. I feel and am beginning a new lease of life with new challenges and new experiences!! I am now in my new home and I have a new kitchen!! My kitchen!! Imagine the things I can start doing in the kitchen?? Oh well, God knows what people do in their kitchen...but yes, finally, I get to do things in my kitchen!! Not my mother's, not my mother-in-law's, but mine!! Tilah's Kitchen!!

Now, I have a reason to start blogging.  The urge came ever since i moved into this new home. A home I can call my own (bought over with my husband of course) that shelters myself, my loving husband, my two little sweethearts (my three year old son and seven months baby boy) and my mother in law. My 5-room flat at Jalan Tenaga,  in the east of Singapore. Our little family in Our Little Heaven! Life starts now though I am not yet 40 and life is definitely gonna get interesting. It is never the same when you get to own a kitchen and it sure feels good. There is so much that I can and want to do. With all the baking and all the cooking that I am gearing myself up for, I sure have lots to write about. I am just too happy that I had to start putting everything down in words.


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